Do You Really Want a Flying Car?
Muse Science Magazine for Kids|May/June 2020
It's the year 2020. So where are all the flying cars? The vast majority of people still get to work and school in boring, ground-bound cars. Not to mention buses, trains, and bikes.
By Kathryn Hulick

Yet some still dream of a day when we can soar above the traffic on the ground. In Singapore in 2019, the company Volocopter demonstrated a flying taxi, also known as an eVTOL. That’s short for electric vertical take-off and landing, because an electric engine powers the craft, and it doesn’t need a runway. A pilot flew the test model. But in the near future, these helicopter-like vehicles will be able to fly themselves while carrying two or more passengers and their things. Other companies, including Uber and Airbus, are working on their own self-flying taxis.

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