The Red Hot Test
KIDS Explore|September 24 2016

One day, Hasan was brought to court. Rama had accused him of stealing a necklace and had complained to the police. The judge in the court knew Hasan very well, and felt that he could not be a thief.

The judge asked Rama why he thought Hasan had stolen his necklace. Rama replied that he had seen him stealing it with his own two eyes! Hasan kept saying that he was innocent and told the judge he had never seen the necklace.

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Targeting ‘Woke’ Wall Street

ESG investing is the right’s new bogeyman—and Vivek Ramaswamy is banking on it

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Bloomberg Businessweek US
September 05 - 12, 2022 (Double Issue)


"It is not easy to cover the refugees' lives, especially if they are Syrians like me; I'm lucky not to lose my home or one of my family members. Women in our Arab country, Syria, have endured a lot of pressure.

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Syrian Thoughts on public transportation

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Against Champagne Socialists

Why Bernie Sanders, Hasan Piker, and Elizabeth Warren should open their wallets before they open their mouths.

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120 minutes with …Hasan Piker

Streaming with the AOC of Twitch.

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New York magazine
September 27 - October 10, 2021


When Mindy Kaling was growing up in the Boston area, few classmates looked like her, and her television choices ranged from angsty white teenagers to funny white teenagers.

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Techlife News
June 6, 2020

Part 2 - Where History Intersects With Myth

Ashwin Sanghi is an Indian author in the intersecting genre of mythology, fiction and thriller. In this second part of his interview with Rudy Singh, he speaks about mythology, history, his approach to writing and his upcoming books. Ashwin continues the conversation from where he left off.

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Heartfulness eMagazine
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South Africa's Epidemic Of Hate

From the highest levels to the grassroots, the country is scapegoating migrants from the rest of the continent

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Celebrating Local Asian Designers

These four Asian American fashion designers are making waves in the Bay Area.

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भद्रा का भय

भद्रा का भय दिखा कर पंडित आम लोगों के मन में एक डर का माहौल बना कर रखते हैं ताकि उन की रोजीरोटी चलती रहे. जरूरी है कि भद्रा के भय के चक्रव्यूह से बाहर निकला जाए.

8 mins read
September Second 2022