Spotlight On Sexual Wellness
WHO|May 17, 2021
Let’s talk about sex, baby

We’ve long understood the importance of maintaining our physical wellbeing by eating well and exercising regularly. And more recently we’ve come to understand the benefit of taking care of our mental wellbeing, too, with many of us trying meditation or practising mindfulness. But there’s another facet of our lives we’ve been neglecting that’s just as important: sex.


Melbourne-based sexologist Chantelle Otten (@chantelle_otten_sexologist) describes sexual wellness as something that’s all encompassing. “It’s how you feel within your sexual self, how you’re able to develop on your sexual self-esteem, how interested you are in your sexual life and how motivated you are towards your sexuality,” she says.

The mental, physical and emotional connection to sex looks different for everyone, and is entirely personal. But when you experience a lack of alignment, Otten explains there’s certain signs you might notice.

“If you feel like you’re lacking [sexual wellness], you might not feel motivated to have sex,” she says. “Maybe you feel like there are concerns, or you’re worried, or maybe you just have a few questions around your sexuality that are bothering you.”

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