WHO|September 27, 2021
How lessons from the world’s top leaders can inspire our everyday lives

The past 18 months have taught us change is something that can’t be avoided. And while many of those changes haven’t been for the better, there are ways we can play a part in creating positive differences.

Author Holly Ransom has interviewed inspiring leaders from a diverse range of roles, fields, and cultures. In her book The Leading Edge, she reveals the valuable lessons learned and how to gain inspiration at work, home, and in the community.

“What we need is everyone stepping up and acknowledging that they’re a leader, and making that really active choice to become the leader the world needs to be,” Ransom says.


Being a leader can mean many things. It could be the initiative you take in helping others, being a role model for your family, or simply standing up for something that you believe in.

“My grandma’s never had a formal leadership title. But my earliest memory, and the first lesson that I got in leadership, was her intervening in a situation in a supermarket when I was four or five years old to correct disrespectful behavior because she wasn’t going to walk past that,” Ransom says. “Leadership is the way that we show up in every situation and every relationship in our life.”

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