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TVPlus - English|27 January 2022
Zandile is on a mission for revenge and no one is safe from this lone lioness

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned and Zandile is fuming, says actress Angel Sithole. Not only has her former blesser ditched her and moved on to someone prettier and younger, but she’s also got no one to turn to. Until Nkululeko (Nkanyiso Mchunu) wanders into her crosshairs. “Zandile’s motives are 100% driven by financial gain. She’s accustomed to living the flashy life thanks to her former blesser opening his bank account to spoiling her,” says the actress. “But now she needs someone new to fill those shoes. And Nkulu is the perfect ‘target.’” It won’t be easy though. Nkululeko’s dead dad Ngcolosi (Tony Kgoroge) was her lover and almost became her baby daddy. “So she knows the family dynamic,” says Angel, adding that losing her family’s love and respect in January has made her all the more determined to get what she deserves.


Zandile’s biggest problem is MaZulu (Leleti Khumalo) as they’ve been feuding ever since Zandile moved into the Bhengu mansion and fell pregnant with MaZulu’s hubby Ngcolosi’s child in 2018 (the role was then played by Buhle Samuels, who left the show in December 2021 after not getting the challenging character development she wanted from the show). Even thought Zandile lost the baby, her rivalry with MaZulu never died down – in fact, it’s got worse this year when Zandile got a sangoma to connect with the ancestors and gave her a snake that would attack MaZulu.

“Zandile is out for revenge. Now that she’s returned, all of the hatred towards MaZulu and the painful memory of losing her child, who would have been Ngcolosi’s first biological child, start to resurface,” says Angel.


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