Desperation and despair
TVPlus - English|27 January 2022
A grieving DeWet is on a vengeful path toward destruction and the Welmans are laying in wait.
While viewers are still trying to make peace with Shawn’s (Deànré Reiners) sudden death in December, his dad DeWet Basson (Dirk Stoltz) is already making plans to avenge his son being killed. And while he’s still not entirely sure who is responsible for his devastating loss, he’s determined to start somewhere – in this case, with the Welmans. “He does have his suspicions that the Welmans are hiding something,” admits Dirk. But hard evidence is needed before he can take action against his son’s killers…


Eager to get his vengeful plan going and taste victory, Dirk says that his character does what he does best: He snoops around for useful intel. “He ends up bugging the Welmans’ home with listening devices,” reveals Dirk. But his plot to spy on Chris (David Rees) and Mariaan (Deirdre Wolhuter) falls flat in mere hours after the Welman couple gets wind of the bugs. It’s not an entire loss though as one of the few conversations DeWet overhears points him to Switzerland – the location where Rickus Welman (André Lötter), the guy who accidentally killed Shawn, is hiding!


Despite the Swiss connection, DeWet decides to ignore the lead for now. First, he wants to ensure he gets what he’s been hunting down for weeks – his grandchild. Following the kidnapping and hostage-taking of Lana (Mila Guy), the mother of Shawn’s unborn child, DeWet is determined to track her down after she fled the country. Seeing the grandchild as the last living part of Shawn, DeWet doesn’t care how he gets his hands on Lana’s child. We won’t easily forget the moment in January when DeWet coldly told his wife Bonita (Hildegard Whites) “I will cut Lana open and take the child – she can bleed out! Shawn’s child will grow up in Hillside!” If only DeWet knew that Bonita was the one who helped Lana break free in the first place…

Unfortunately for Bonita, Dirk says that it won’t be long for DeWet to start questioning his wife’s loyalty to his cause. “Bonita often questions DeWet’s determination to find Lana and this raises his suspicion,” says Dirk. Worried that his wife could be plotting behind his back, DeWet turns to henchwoman Koedoe (Michelle Ayden) to keep tabs on Bonita. “To an extent, this causes even more distrust between DeWet and Bonita. It isn’t long before Bonita realises she needs to change tactic and act the supporting wife to earn back his trust,” reveals Dirk. It works and nosey Koedoe is off her back.


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