TVPlus - English|27 January 2022
Felicity’s love-life takes a shot to the heart as her wedding to Detective Marco gets closer.

It’s no secret to Legacy fans that Felicity Price (Mary-anne Barlow) is a killer. She murdered her dad Sebastian Price (Deon Lotz) in episode 1. She used a car bomb to blow up her cruel manipulative monster of a hubby James (Robert Hobbs) in mid-2021. And she killed blackmailer Darren (Gustav Gerdener) late in 2021. But she’s also killed off every chance of happiness she’s had. Her on-off romance with her then-chauffeur and bodyguard Stefan (Sean-Marco Voster) had more ups and downs than a rollercoaster and included him helping kill Sebastian and hide the body, as well as other dubious things. And it’s the same for her engagement to Detective Marco (Nico Panagio): It’s doomed to fail.


When Marco arrived in Joburg late last year, it was on a revenge investigation to find his missing cousin Darren and bring his killers to book. “He didn’t know that Felicity, the woman he’d fall in love with, would be the person he’s been searching for,” explains Nico. And they more than just fall in love: The pair are engaged and their wedding is around the corner. “Marco came with one job and ended up staying because he’s in love with Felicity. Falling in love was a bonus for him and it’s something he’s looked for years,” adds Nico. But a crime never stays buried for long on Legacy and Felicity has been mumbling in her sleep lately, saying “Darren”. “It’s confusing for Marco barbecue Felicity has maintained that she didn’t know Darren and even helped organize the funeral for Darren,” adds Nico.

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