How To Stay Fit & Healthy While Pregnant
Star|September 16, 2019
How to stay fit & healthy while pregnant

Cassie Ventura has a long list of titles— singer, dancer, actress, model. And she’s about to add one more: mom! The star announced in June that she and her celebrity personal trainer fi ancé, Alex Fine, are expecting a baby girl later this year and could not be more thrilled. While Cassie has always been #goals, she’s giving us even more motivation and inspiration as she strives for a fi t and healthy pregnancy—with a little help from Fine, of course.

First off, congratulations on your pregnancy. How exciting — a baby girl!

Thank you! We’re very excited! Knowing that your body is the host to actual life makes you very aware of your movement. You want to make sure what you’re doing is safe for the baby.

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