The Mother Load
Soap Opera Digest|May 10, 2021
Her GH Alter Is Faking Her Pregnancy, But In Real Life, Amanda Setton Is A Busy Mom Of Three.
Mara Levinsky

She was an eager student — especially because at the time, Setton lacked confidence in herself as a comedienne, as evidenced by an interview she gave to Digest in advance of its premiere in which she confessed, “It’s always been my dream to play a character in comedy, but I just thought that was never going to happen for me... I never thought of myself as someone who was funny.” Reminded of that now, she marvels, “Wow, I can’t believe I said that, with what I feel and know now! I can’t imagine not at least trying to bring humor to any character I play now. Though it may not always hit, humor is a window into vulnerability, I find. It’s so personal and takes a level of comfort between characters and actors. Not exactly sure where it comes from in me, but I grew up on SEINFELD — weekly, then daily in syndication. Somehow, it’s just imbedded in how I read scripts.”

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