TWO for the ROAD
Soap Opera Digest|September 07, 2020
Freddie Smith (Sonny) Opens Up About Leaving DAYS With Chandler Massey (Will)

Sonny and Will pack up and leave Salem with their daughter, Arianna, this week, marking the end of Freddie Smith and Chandler Massey’s tenure on DAYS.

“There’s an opportunity for Sonny to go to Arizona where his brothers are and really start something that’s meaningful for him,” explains his portrayer, Freddie Smith. “Sonny and Will are pondering whether to [leave town] or not and what to do about the custody of Ari. Initially, Gabi’s like, ‘No way you’re taking my daughter from me,’ but then things change in her personal life and she realizes it’s a better idea for us to take Ari away. So Sonny and Will decide to move to Arizona and take Ari with them. That’s essentially what the last five episodes are going to explore. It will be a happy ending.”

And laden with “WilSon” flashbacks, according to Smith. “That’s one of my favorite things,” notes the actor. “They will be showing many, many flashbacks of Will and Sonny’s entire love story, right before we leave. It’s really going to feel like the show wrote an homage to their storyline. It will be beautiful to watch all those clips come to fruition. Then, I think, it’s Sonny who says, ‘Good-bye Salem ... for now.’ So they leave with the door kind of open.”

Before they leave, the couple says good-bye to some key family members. “I had some scenes with Wally [Kurth, Justin] and even, interestingly, with Judi Evans, who was playing Bonnie at the time,” recounts Smith. “One of the last things I said was something like, ‘I’m glad I’ll never see her again.’ It was so strange, because it was kind of an emotional good-bye, that and my last scene with Wally. With Judi it would have been cool, if it was actually Adrienne.

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