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Soap Opera Digest|November 08, 2021
What Will Happen


Katie And Carter Connect

When Katie goes to see Carter to give him a piece of her mind regarding Quinn and Eric, she is in for a surprise. “She finds that she and Carter are two peas in a pod,” says Heather Tom (Katie). “They’ve both been unlucky in love. They’ve both put themselves out there and have ended up playing second fiddle. They connect with that.”

Katie is happy to have a new confidant. “Katie has been trying for so long to figure out this situation with Bill and what she wants to do, and why does she keep going back to him?” previews Tom. “When Katie and Carter talk, it really hits a nerve and things come flying out of her. Let’s just say Carter gets the brunt of Katie’s frustration [laughs].”

Could there be a romantic future for Carter and Katie? “All I can say is it was lovely working with Lawrence [SaintVictor, Carter],” smiles Tom. “Usually the only times we worked together was if Carter was marrying someone! I honestly didn’t see this coming, but I’m always game for whatever comes my way.”


Abby Copes With Losing Chance

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