Soap Opera Digest|December 06, 2021
The Quartermaines’ Thanksgiving is packed with drama, and Ned finds himself at the center of it.

First, he must contend with Chase, who arrives in the wake of Brook Lynn informing Ned that Chase, not Valentin, is the father of her baby. “Ned is not happy,” sighs Wally Kurth (Ned). “He is disappointed in Brook Lynn for lying, but he comes down on Chase, as well. Ned isn’t happy that Brook Lynn was keeping a child from its father, destroying two men’s lives — not only lying to Chase, but taking Valentin’s child away from him! Ned thinks, ‘This was not well-thought-out by my daughter.’ ”

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Stock car racing got its start in the rural South, but by the time NASCAR arrived at Riverside International Raceway in the early 1960s, the sport had achieved national success.

1 min read
Hot Rod
February 2022


A Russian weapons test created more than 1,500 pieces of space junk that is now threatening the seven astronauts aboard the International Space Station, U.S. officials said this week.

3 mins read
November 19, 2021

Entrevista – Valentino Lanús

Lo conocimos como el galán de las telenovelas, pero la vida del actor ha dado un giro de 180 grados. Valentino se ha convertido en guía espiritual, su familia es su prioridad y es fanático de la fotografía. Platicamos con él para conocer más a fondo sobre su nueva forma de ver la vida.

5 mins read
Caras México
Marzo 2021

The Nightmare Share

She posted an ad for a roommate. What’s the worst that could happen?

10+ mins read
New York magazine
February 1-14, 2021

Save Valentine's Day ... by Avoiding These Games

Dating can be a difficult process. Traditionally, two people might chit-chat over drinks or dinner, then spend two hours in a darkened theater ignoring each other. This is not the most effective means of getting to know someone. A shared activity is a better way to share the real you with someone else.

9 mins read
Casual Game Insider
Winter 2021

The Not-So-Mighty Dollar

Biden may get the weaker greenback that eluded Trump’s presidency

4 mins read
Bloomberg Businessweek
November 02, 2020

Prewar Model 70.257 Roberts

A Favorite Cartridge for Western Hunting

10+ mins read
November - December 2020

Life is just a bowl of…Raspberries?

MID-JULY CAME ON CHILLY AND WITH RAIN TO SPARE, BUT month’s end was suddenly dry and warm. That gave the wild raspberries, which usually ripened in early August, an unexpected influx of the mysteriously delicate juice that make them so very different from the fragrant but bland garden raspberries. So the gals, without so much as a word to each other, started making forays into the closest of the raspberry patches that in the past couple of years had run rampant over the felled areas of the forest. After the nearest mile or two had been picked clean, they put their heads together and started going in threes, in fives, because the forest doesn’t care for any tomfoolery.

6 mins read
Russian Life
September/October 2020

Blame It on Lucile

Shooting the .28-30-120

9 mins read
August - September 2020

Craven Moorehead

More Random Thoughts for March

3 mins read
Born To Ride Florida
March 2020