Soap Opera Digest|May 4, 2020
GH Production Designer Jennifer Elliott Gives The Scoop On Sonny’s New Living Room
Mara Levinsky

Soap Opera Digest: Why did you decide to give the Corinthoses’ quarters a refresh?

Jennifer Elliott: Frank [Valentini, executive producer] really values the production value of our show in terms of the look and he’s been so proactive about putting our money into upgrading our interiors. This was his idea. He came to us and said, “Creatively, could we face-lift Sonny’s? I just really want to give the audience a little bit more of a visual treat because we’re there so often.” That set is like a workhorse! It goes up and it stays up. Our goal was to create some new areas that didn’t take up any more space onstage. We decided to give him a little office within the living room in an upstage area that has a desk and shelving behind it. We purposely did that so that when you walk through the doors of the living room, if he’s sitting behind his desk, it’s kind of a Godfather moment. He’s a kingpin! He needs a regal desk and, you know, a serious bar that’s built in behind his desk — things people with wealth and prominence have in their home.

Digest: How long has this upgrade been in the works?

Elliott: Last August, we started planning it and I started ordering furniture. It’s a long process; we were ordering some custom pieces and those take forever. In September, we had kind of hashed out a plan, like a blueprint. We talked to Frank about moving the staircase, and an important change from a directing standpoint was that in the foyer, we changed the [orientation of the] entrance door to a side entrance, which Frank thought would help from a directorial standpoint.

Digest: What directives did Frank give you for the space?

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