Soap Opera Digest|September 13, 2021
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“We are really going to highlight the romance element of the show,” teases Executive Producer/Head Writer Bradley Bell. “There are some new faces coming, and new couples. We’re going for some mystery storylines. It’s going to be hot.”

Steffy/Sheila/Finn/Jack: “Sheila is determined be a part of this family and Steffy is equally determined to have Sheila gone. Steffy’s marriage to Finn is being put to the test. As much as Steffy despises Finn’s birth mother, she loves him. The viewers also know that Jack is Finn’s biological father, and it’s great to have another secret lingering out there. Sheila will use that to have leverage and power over Jack. He is in love with Li and he doesn’t want that secret to ever get out, so Sheila comes in locked and loaded in many different ways.”

Eric/Quinn/Carter: “We are moving into a new chapter with Quinn, Eric and Carter. It hasn’t ended yet. We have a new twist coming in this fall which should raise a lot of eyebrows, a story I think maybe you’ve never seen before on daytime. It will be controversial.”

Ridge/Brooke: “Ridge and Brooke have set a new record for being happily married without any major incidents. Ridge is going 30 to be very active protecting his daughter and Finn against any actions Sheila may take, as will Brooke, as well. Brooke also has deep suspicion and concern regarding Quinn. She doesn’t think Quinn is anywhere good enough to be the Forrester matriarch, so Brooke will be involved in the story with Quinn, Carter and Eric as it unfolds.”

Hope/Liam: “There is a mysterious person headed their way, which is going to add some great challenges to their young marriage and family. That is going to be a bit of a shocker. They have been happy since Liam has been freed from jail but there is more drama around the corner, some very interesting family drama involving a character that will return to the show.”

Paris/Zende: “Paris is going to have a few men who are interested in her — Zende, of course, and others. We’re gearing up for a great new chapter and a new story for Diamond White [Paris] that will involve Finn, Steffy and a few other characters.”

Thomas: “Thomas will have a new love interest. He’s trying to wean himself from Hope. He’s determined to do that and honor Liam and Hope’s marriage so yes, there is new love coming Thomas’s way.”

Justin: “We will be seeing more of Aaron [D. Spears, Justin] this fall in a whole different arena within the story of the show.”

Katie/Bill: “They’ve been living separately but they are determined to get their family back together. Bill is going to make moves. The whole hit-and-run cover-up [with Vinny] has been difficult for Katie to fully digest, but Bill is determined to win her back and we’ll see if he can.”


Executive Producer Ken Corday outlines what’s ahead in Salem.

Ben/Ciara: “Ben has major reservations when Ciara suggests they start a family. His past is so dark and you wouldn’t want that DNA to resurface, so he has reservations. It’s going to be nice to see them calm and without someone trying to blow them up. They are now a more substantial couple, a married couple, but certainly not boring. Them talking about having a baby leads to much bigger story.”

John/Marlena: “There’s a huge story coming up for them and I am very excited about it. John and Marlena will face a huge threat to their relationship and the audience will want to tune in.”

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