Bold and beautiful
Soap Opera Digest|June 20, 2022
Sheila is surprised by a prison visit from Li.


When Deputy Chief Baker leaves, Sheila begs for Li’s mercy and breaks down, describing her love for Finn. Li implodes when Sheila refers to Finn as her son and guarantees that Sheila will spend the rest of her life in prison. Undeterred, Sheila promises Li that she hasn’t seen the last of her.


Donna thinks it might be time for Eric to leave Quinn and be with someone who makes him happy. Donna and Eric make love. After, Eric tells Donna he feels they need to end their affair.

Carter praises Quinn for being such a remarkable woman and admits he can’t help thinking of the life he and she may have shared. Unaware that Eric and Donna are having sex, Quinn worries to Carter that Eric’s heart rate is spiking.


After leaving Taylor with Ridge at Eric’s house, Brooke confesses to Deacon that she is worried about the duo being together. Deacon clarifies that he would never abandon Brooke if they were together. Brooke knows that she and Ridge are meant to be together.

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