‘ We want to get married on the beach'
New UK|November 16, 2020
In their first exclusive photoshoot, Love Island couple Callum Jones and Molly Smith invite new into their new home and open up about their dream wedding

When Callum Jones chose to couple up with Molly Smith after Casa Amor during this year’s series of Love Island, it produced one of the most iconic TV moments of the year.

The dramatic scene saw Callum choose model Molly over former flame Shaughna Phillips, leaving fans of the ITV2 show shocked and wondering if Callum and Molly would stand the test of time upon returning to the UK.

Well, eight months down the line, the couple have proved the doubters wrong, and new can exclusively reveal the exciting news that they’ve moved into their first home together. When we arrive at the gorgeous four-bedroom house in Manchester, the lovebirds can’t wait to show off their new place, from the stylish kitchen to their fabulous walk-in wardrobe.

Before making the leap to renting a place of their own, the pair were living at Molly’s parents’ house nearby.

“Callum turned up with his suitcase and moved in with us for lockdown,” laughs Molly. “My mum and dad love him. Callum was cooking for them, so he’s already got brownie points for that!”

The quality time together only made their romance blossom further, with former scaffolder Callum telling us, “Lockdown definitely made us stronger, 100%.”

“We got on so well,” adds Molly. “The only thing we bickered about was how much Callum plays Call Of Duty!”

The pair, who recently starred in Love Island: What Happened Next?, moved into their new home last month and they have been joined by Molly’s adorable Pomeranian, Nelly.

“She was front and centre for the pictures,” laughs Molly. “She loves a photoshoot.” Aww!

Here, Molly, 25, and Callum, 24, tell new their plans to take their relationship to the next level and what they love about each other…

Hi guys! Your new home is gorgeous. Did you pick everything out together?

Callum: I wouldn’t say it was joint at all [laughs]! It was 99% Molly.

Molly: I did always ask Callum if he liked something before I bought it, but he’s very laid-back. He trusts me with stuff but I probably wouldn’t trust him!

How was the moving process?

Molly: It was quite stressful, but a good stress. Some of our furniture has been a bit delayed and we had a nightmare with our bed. Our bedroom is on the top floor and it’s just not finished at all. The house has three floors and the bed had to go up two flights of stairs but it wouldn’t fit! They had to go back and remake it so it was in different parts, but now it’s just half-made on the floor upstairs. It’s been a bit of a disaster! We also didn’t have a sofa for two weeks so we either had to sit on the floor or go upstairs to one of the other bedrooms. Now most things are in it’s looking really nice. We’re renting this place for a year, but we’ll hopefully be able to buy a place together soon.

Callum: It’s a bit tricky when you’re self-employed with buying. You have to have so many years on the books, but as soon as we can we’ll buy somewhere.

Sounds stressful! Do you have a favourite room or feature?

Callum: Probably the living room or the bedroom – anywhere where I can watch a film.

Molly: Callum is happy anywhere he can be comfortable, or play Call Of Duty. Mine is the walk-in wardrobe. I can see all my pretty clothes laid out. Callum only has two items in there as I’ve made him use the wardrobe upstairs.

Callum: She’s taken over that room.

Molly: I was like, “I’m so sorry – this has to be mine!” I’ve always wanted one – it’s been a bit of a dream. My friend has one and I’ve always been so jealous of it.

Where were you living before you moved into your new place?

Molly: At my mum and dad’s. We didn’t want to spend lockdown apart.

Callum: We only had three weeks out of the villa before we went into lockdown.

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