Coronavirus Cures At Your Fingertips!
National Enquirer|March 23, 2020
Remedies found at home or pharmacy can boost immunity against new plague

The rampaging coronavirus has claimed the lives of thousands worldwide, triggering widespread panic and chaos in the stock market!

But top doctors have told The National ENQUIRER that the deadly plague can be stopped in its tracks with natural cures found right in your kitchen or at your local pharmacy!

There is no vaccine for the coronavirus and, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there is no known cure.

The only treatments are those based on the care prescribed for influenza (seasonal flu) and other severe respiratory illnesses known as “supportive care.”

Worse yet, people are rushing to buy surgical masks to protect themselves against infection — only to find that the CDC has said that’s the worst thing you can do!

Masks are not effective in protecting yourself from the virus and actually increase your chances of catching it and spreading it.

But medical experts from around the globe have revealed the life-threatening infectious disease can be attacked with amazingly simple homemade cures that have a long history of combating viruses.

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