Wake Him Up, Quick!
NOW|April 08, 2019

It’s time to rise, ahem, and shine

Faye M Smith

1 It’s the breakfast of champions

Reach for a caffeine-laden latte each morning before you can even mumble ‘What’s the story morning glory?’ Then swap your usual grind for a big ol’ cup of hot loving instead. ‘While a coffee will get your heart pumping and give you an energy boost on sluggish mornings, an orgasm is a healthier (and much more fun) way to get your 8am kicks,’ says Lovehoney’s sex expert Sammi Cole. And zero coffee breath too is a win-win.

2 He’ll be harder than Rocky

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Abuse and Power

Andrew Cuomo’s governorship has been defined by cruel behavior that disguised chronic mismanagement. Why was that celebrated for so long?

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New York magazine
March 15 - 28, 2021

Will Feminists Please Stop Calling The Cops?

The Women’s Liberation Movement has gotten tied to mass incarceration. It needs to break free.

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Reason magazine
April 2021

3 Herbs for Better Sex

A low sex drive affects both men and women for a variety of reasons. But you can recharge your libido with these botanicals.

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Better Nutrition
February 2021

The Memory War

When Jennifer Freyd accused her father of sexual abuse, her parents set out to discredit her—creating a controversial school of psychology that has bolstered the defense of countless sex offenders.

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New York magazine
January 4-17, 2021

To Depose A President

Trump is about to lose his biggest defense gainst the women suing him for defamation.

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Mother Jones
January/February 2021

Clinical use of aromatase inhibitors

Contrary to expectations, medical professionals (such as physicians and researchers) learn from folklore developed within (sub)cultures, or from impassioned pursuits by laymen affected by a specific pathology.

9 mins read
Muscular Development
January 2021


Digital rights campaigners this week criticized a proposal by European Union governments that calls for communications companies to provide authorities with access to encrypted messages.

2 mins read
November 13, 2020


Six European Union countries and the bloc’s executive Commission have begun testing a virtual “gateway” to ensure national coronavirus tracing apps can work across borders.

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Techlife News
Techlife News #464

I was ABUSED BY MY BOYFRIEND… and had no idea

Kiley*, now 16, was smitten when she met the boy of her dreams. Little did she know, he’d actually become her own worst nightmare. Here, she shares her cautionary tale about the dating abuse that affects one in three girls—and how you can protect yourself.

6 mins read
Girls' Life magazine
October/November 2020

Is Partner Yoga the New Couples Therapy?

No pair is immune to the challenges of coupledom. While counseling may be the typical go-to resource for guidance, some counselors with yoga backgrounds are taking sessions to the mat, encouraging people to bolster their relationships with asana, pranayama, and meditation through partner yoga therapy.

3 mins read
Yoga Journal
September - October 2020