Globe|July 20, 2020
Deadly diseases... Giant dust storms... Devastating quakes... Insect swarms... Economic ruin… GLOBE tells how to protect yourself from world disaster

TODAY’S terrifying disasters — the COVID-19 pandemic, civil unrest, economic collapse, gigantic dust storms blocking the sun, swarming locusts and spine-chilling earthquakes — are all terrifying signs that the biblical End of Time prophesies have come true this year!

And that’s not all — more catastrophes are on the way!

But don’t panic because you can protect yourself — and GLOBE tells you how!

The current situation should not be unexpected: Top religious scholars and acclaimed psychics are convinced that these explosive deadly events perfectly fit the biblical forecasts warning the end of the world is near.

“The Book of Revelation predicted deaths across the globe by ‘sword, famine and plague,’” religious scholar Jill Mitchell says. “What we’re seeing are all biblical signs of what was foretold in the Scripture!”

Recently, the island of Puerto Rico, Central America, the Caribbean and the southwestern U.S. have been gobbled by a relentless “Gorilla Dust Cloud,” blown by winds across the Atlantic from the Sahara Desert.

While the cloud is a yearly event, it has mysteriously reached a never-seen-before size and danger this year.

“This is the most significant event in the past half century,” says Pablo Méndez Lázaro, of the University of Puerto Rico’s Graduate School of Public Health. “Conditions are dangerous.”

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