Globe|September 27, 2021
Loses arm in ambush during raging flood

AN ELDERLY Louisiana man lost his arm to an alligator — and disappeared — after being ambushed by the gigantic reptile in raging floodwaters of Hurricane Ida!

Timothy Satterlee, 71, had gone down to retrieve something from the partly flooded shed beneath his raised home near Lake Pontchartrain when the savage saurian cornered him and took a chomp.

Satterlee’s aging wife heard thrashing outside in the marshy area near the house — and spotted the gator going into a death roll with her helpless husband clamped in its jaws!

According to Capt. Lance Vitter of the St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office, the woman grabbed a makeshift tourniquet and dashed outside, but it was too late — the ravenous reptile had lopped off the limb!

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