Globe|January 17, 2022
NASA Space Shuttle engineer exposed as tragic demon child

A BRILLIANT NASA Space Shuttle engineer has been exposed as the kid whose real-life torment inspired the head-spinning terror detailed in the blockbuster movie The Exorcist!

Ronald Edwin Hunkeler who died in 2020 a month before he turned 86 spent decades haunted by the eerie events from his teen years that were turned into the 1973 hit horror film starring Ellen Burstyn and Max von Sydow.

In the movie, Linda Blair, now 62, played a possessed child who needed a full-on exorcism to rid her of Satan's spell.

But the story wasn't Hollywood hokum!

Witnesses report Hunkeler, who later patented the Space Shuttle's heat shield, was possessed by an evil spirit! His body raised welts that spelled out warnings as he spouted obscure Latin phrases!

In 1949, his frantic mom hired exorcists in Cottage City, Md., and St. Louis, Mo.

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