Globe|March 15, 2021
Face is a disaster at age 75 after endless procedures

AGING actress Goldie Hawn is obsessed with stopping Father Time with nips and tucks, but friends fear the procedures have left her almost unrecognizable and are praying for her to stop!

The 75-year-old Private Benjamin star has “gone from giggly to ghastly,” says an insider. “She’s become more obsessed with aging than ever before and is booking visits to the surgeon or dermatologist with greater frequency.

“It’s having an unfortunate swelling and reddening-raw effect on her face. She’s gone way overboard. She needs to give it a rest because she’s starting to look like a figure in a wax museum.”

Pals believe Goldie’s desire to look good for her next flick, Family Jewels, co-starring Diane Keaton and Bette Midler, both 75, triggered a new round of repairs.

“She cringes at every wrinkle and is talking about more surgeries to appear younger next to Diane and Bette,” says the insider. “Part of Goldie’s appeal was her lopsided grin and big eyes, but she looks waxy and unnatural now. Enough is enough!”

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