Globe|August 24, 2020
Why fatal shark attacks are on the rise and no swimmer is safe!

DON’T go into the water! Ravenous sharks are prowling America’s beaches in record numbers this summer and have exploded in a feeding frenzy that’s left innocent swimmers cut to pieces and fatally mauled!

Already large man-eaters — including great whites that can weigh more than three tons — have been sighted swarming off the nation’s East and West Coasts. So far, the massive predators have killed two Americans and forced thousands of others to run for their lives as they hunt in the shallows along the seashore.

Late last month, New York City executive Julie Dimperio Holowach was eaten alive off the coast of Maine — the first fatal shark attack in that state’s history.

Incredibly, the 63-year-old was swimming with her daughter in less than four feet of water by a Bailey Island beach when she was attacked!

But that monster wasn’t alone. At least 20 other great whites, the fish that inspired the hit movie Jaws, were nearby, and 150 others were spotted lurking off the beaches of Cape Cod since June!

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