Globe|November 30, 2020
Grumpy rock legend spends most days staring out the window

ROCK legend Jerry Lee Lewis vowed to keep wailing ’til the end, but the 85-year-old stroke victim now spends his days listening to his old hits and staring out the window, say sources.

The Great Balls of Fire wildman’s health has taken a tragic turn for the worse since he was clobbered by the stroke last year, insiders dish.

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The Role of Lipids in Atherosclerosis

Last time we spoke of the various factors that play a part in plaque buildup and rupture causing a heart attack/stroke. We discussed the role of inflammation. This time, we will discuss the role of lipids. We know these are important and these numbers can be impacted by various treatments. So the question to be answered is who needs to be treated and how. Clearly, those who have had a prior heart attack, stents, bypass or stroke need aggressive treatment. What about people who have never had any vascular disease? Who amongst them should be treated and how?

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