' I Didn't Want Him To Do It, Mama!'
Globe|March 08, 2021
New video shows Dylan Farrow, 7, claiming sex abuse by Woody Allen

EXPLOSIVE newly revealed home movies show Mia Farrow’s seven-year-old daughter Dylan graphically claiming movie icon Woody Allen groped and sexually abused her!

Shot by mama Mia in 1992, the video features Dylan saying the director groped her in an attic of the family’s Connecticut country house and details of the alleged encounter:

“He started telling me weird things. Then he went behind me and touched my privates.

“ ‘Do not move, I have to do this.’ But I wiggled my bum to see what he was doing. He said: ‘Don’t move, I have to do this. If you stay still we can go to Paris.’

“ ‘Because this way you could be in my movie if I do this.’

“I didn’t want him to do it, Mama. I didn’t like it. I don’t want to talk about it.”

In another video, Dylan says she and Woody were on a couch and “he touched [my] privates and then he was breathing on my leg.”

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