Globe|February 22, 2021
But he’s loving every minute

SCREEN hunk George Clooney’s tequila swilling macho-man image is all an act, according to sources who dish the Hollywood heavyweight’s a total henpecked hubby, bossed around by his brainy lawyer wife, Amal!

The 59-year-old actor and director is now a Mr. Mom, who sews, does the laundry and cleans in the mansion he shares with Amal and their three-year-old twins, Ella and Alexander.

Meanwhile, the 43-year-old legal eagle brings home the bacon with her humanitarian law biz and when she catches the Batman star lounging she cracks the whip, says an insider.

“She hates to see him lying around or watching TV for hours or shooting hoops,” blabs the insider. “There will be no lazy lie-ins at her house!”

She even leaves him a to-do list.

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