Globe|May 10, 2021
Now, even after battling the virus, he’s still refusing to get vaccinated!

AFTER screaming for a year the COVID pandemic is a “scam,” right-wing rocker Ted Nugent now knows he was wrong — he’s got the disease — BAD!

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Give a ton of a carbon, take a ton. That's what we must do by 2050 or face climate catastrophe. Remarkably, it's possible with pretty simple math: Seven pioneering entrepreneurs plus seven technologies plus seven economic pathways equals a cool, carbon-neutral planet-and continued prosperity.

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May - June 2022


The lost world of mammoths, saber-toothed cats, and dire wolves

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Muse Science Magazine for Kids
April 2022

128 Minutes With... Olúfemi Táíwò

The Georgetown philosopher's new book, Elite Capture, comes at a moment of change for identity politics.

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New York magazine
May 9-22, 2022

Abortion Funds Are a Lifeline. And a Target.

The right's attacks on grassroots groups have already begun.

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New York magazine
May 9-22, 2022

Protect Your Skin From Cancer

Your race affects where you might spot it-and when.

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June 2022

Meet Your Vagus Nerve

Here's what this noteworthy nerve does, and how you can work it to stay calm.

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June 2022

Shanghai's Black Eye

Expats are ditching the city, jeopardizing efforts to turn it into a top financial hub in Asia

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Bloomberg Businessweek
May 02, 2022

5 Expert Tips for Stronger Bones

Reduce your risk of fractures by following these simple steps

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Closer US
May 09, 2022

The Resource Curse

AMITAV GHOSH is one of the world's most celebrated and awarded authors and thinkers. In conversation with TARA KHANDELWAL and MICHELLE D'COSTA, he talks about his latest book, The Nutmeg's Curse: Parables for a Planet in Crisis, a non-fiction story highlighting the origins of our current climate crisis.

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Heartfulness eMagazine
April 2022

Chill Out on Our Radar

The hottest things in pop culture and entertainment this week

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YOU South Africa
5 May 2022