Globe|January 10, 2022
Perv’s 17 visits with the prez were buried deep

AFTER more than a decade of denial, newly uncovered White House documents reveal President Bill Clinton and billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein were really thick as thieves!

Epstein, who was later convicted of sex with a 14-year-old, visited the White House 17 times during the horndog former president’s first term — sometimes twice in one day!

Explosive entries in hush-hush White House visitor logs from 1993 to 1995 shockingly reveal the now deceased perv, who hosted Clinton on his flying bordello the Lolita Express, was granted remarkable access to the West Wing’s highest echelons.

Epstein, who many believe gained his wealth by blackmailing influential men caught in his honey traps, schmoozed with the Clinton administration’s most senior officials — including Robert Rubin, who would become treasury secretary — and mingled with the likes of the late Sen. Ted Kennedy at lavish White House bashes.

He’s also believed to have powwowed in the Oval Office with Clinton himself!

The former commander in chief has consistently tried to minimize his contacts with the twisted sex trafficker, but Leon Wagener, author of four Clinton books, insists the ex-prez “has been lying about his association with Jeffrey Epstein from the very beginning.

“They bonded over sex, women and cash, traveled together and worked together on Clinton’s foundation. The logs are the proof!

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