Billionaire Bill Admits Cheating!
Globe|June 07, 2021
Bares fling with employee who wrote open letter to wife Melinda

Billionare Bill Gates admits he cheated on wife Melinda during their 27-year marriage — and now sources say the tech tycoon never stopped hitting on hot employees!

According to sources, the computer software king’s wife discovered his betrayal the hard way — in a letter penned by his mistress — during a corporate investigation into his behavior!

However, Gates now openly admits the affair with a female engineer at Microsoft and says the relationship, which began about six years into his marriage with Melinda, ended “amicably.”

But insiders reveal Melinda, 56, has beefed up her legal team with top trust and estate lawyers, and suspect she may play hardball in a bid to protect her kids amid the couple’s $144 billion divorce battle!

News of the Microsoft mogul’s extramarital affair dropped like a nuclear bomb when it was exposed by his lover, say sources. In a blockbuster letter, Bill’s mistress — whose identity has been concealed — claimed she’d had an intimate relationship with the computer czar, now 65, that lasted years, spies say.

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