Globe|December 06, 2021
Plans $120M divorce after cheating death

SHAKEN to the core by his escape from death, former President Bill Clinton is secretly determined to divorce his wife Hillary, according to sources who say he’s already hiring hard-nosed divorce lawyers to blow up their 46-year sham marriage.

In a blockbuster world exclusive, sources tell GLOBE America’s 42nd chief executive is no longer willing to continue the decades-long charade of playing happy hubby to Barack Obama’s secretary of state and is ready to lose a huge chunk of their $120 million in a split.

Instead, he reportedly wants to spend the time he has left pursuing his own personal happiness, spies dish.

“Bill no longer cares what people think after his hospital stay,” says an insider. “For years he was concerned about keeping up appearances, first for the sake of his own political career and then to further Hillary’s run for the White House and finally for the success of their charitable foundation.

“But he’s no longer willing to live a lie, even for the benefit of his three grandchildren from daughter Chelsea.

“He was only 60 minutes from death and it forced him to rethink all of his priorities.”

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