Globe|January 31, 2022
Fears ex-prez, 75, needs new heart after sepsis crisis

AFTER surviving a near-fatal battle with a blood-ravaging infection last year, frail Bill Clinton is now caught in a heart transplant drama, according to sources who say the ex-president’s friends and family fear his life depends on getting a new ticker.

Since being hospitalized for emergency treatment in October, the 75-year-old politico has seen his health and weight plummet and the condition of his heart is a key concern, insiders say.

“The man has not looked healthy,” says a source close to the aging former commander in chief. “He’s thin and lost his strut. He’s getting up there in age, and just doesn’t take care of himself. It’s all coming back to haunt him.”

After numerous cardiac crises, Florida internist and life span expert Dr. Gabe Mirkin believes the 42nd president already is a prime candidate for a transplant.

“Clinton’s heart is damaged because he has previously suffered complete obstruction of blood flow to a part of the heart muscle,”

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