Globe|September 06, 2021
Fears Russians can squeeze prez with info from Hunter's THIRD lost laptop

EXPLOSIVE information about Joe Biden’s business deals and secret life was stored on a laptop computer his scandal-tarred son Hunter admits fell into the hands of Russian spies!

Now sources tell GLOBE that U.S. intelligence agencies fear the commander in chief could be the target of blackmail based on drug addict Hunter’s hacked emails and files!

Reckless crack-hound Hunter says he blacked out while deep into a drug binge with a trio of mysterious Russians in Las Vegas. When he came around, Hunter claims he found his room cleared out and his laptop missing.

The Yale law school grad shockingly admits one of his Russian pals, a drug dealer, had his security code to unlock the computer that was full of his homemade porn videos.

Intelligence sources say ads written in Russian have appeared on the dark web selling “USA President secret [sic]” and “Biden laptop HDD copy” for $5,000 in cryptocurrency.

“Once an electronic device is compromised by a cybercriminal, they can later sell that data on the dark web,” says cyber security expert Scott Schober.

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