Globe|March 29, 2021
Her spoiled pooches are driving him nuts

BARBRA STREISAND’S pampered pooches are nosing out hubby James Brolin — and it’s making him barking mad, according to insiders!

Sources snitch to GLOBE the 78-year-old singing superstar is so fed up with her guy’s griping about being chopped liver that she’s ready to put HIM in the doghouse!

“James likes pets too, as long as they know their place — but Barbra’s dogs have the run of the house and he’s taken about all he can!” spills an insider.

As GLOBE reported, Babs was so distraught in 2017 at the thought of losing Samantha, her beloved 14-year-old Coton de Tulear, she spent $50,000 to clone her TWICE!

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