Globe|November 22, 2021
Will gun death tragedy trigger alcohol relapse?

DEVASTATED Alec Baldwin was at a bar drowning his sorrows with a beer after fatally shooting cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, leaving experts fearing the tragedy could drive the alcoholic back to the bottle following 35 years of sobriety.

While the suds in front of Baldwin was a non-alcohol Rescue Club IPA brew, addiction experts warn the emotionally stressed 63-year-old star — who confessed to being a boozer until quitting in 1985 is asking for trouble by going to a saloon filled with bottles of real liquor.

“You have to realize you’re never completely healed,” says New Jersey addiction expert Thomas Gagliano, author of The Problem Was Me.

“You’re only managing your addiction and how you manage it is by admitting that you can’t handle a drink, can’t handle being in a bar surrounded by liquor when you’re under incredible stress.

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