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Catch up With One of Our Hollywood Favs

Born in New York and raised in Queens, this shining star talks about growing up, her new projects including Netflix's feature film, The Sleepover, and hit comedy, Mr. Iglesias, taking action on bringing social change, and the importance of having a high work ethic.

GLITTER: What was it like being born in New York and raised in Queens?

CREE: One of the best parts of being born and raised in New York is being able to tell people I’m from there. There is immense pride in being a New Yorker. I’m always grateful to have that title.

GLITTER: You got your start at thirteen-years-old for your role on Nickelodeon’s hit, live-action gaming sitcom Game Shakers. What was that experience like and how did you feel when you were nominated for Best Young Actor - Television at the 2017 and 2018 ‘Imagen Awards’ for your work on the show?

CREE: That experience was incredibly surprising and educational. I learned a lot about the industry on that show; about work ethic, and about people. Being nominated at the Imagen Awards was an incredible honor, and being in a room full of such talented, and loving creatives in the Latinx community is always a night like no other.

GLITTER: Can you tell us about Netflix’s upcoming feature film, The Sleepover, and your role as ‘Mim?’

CREE: The Sleepover is a super fun comedy full of friendship, action, and a little bit of mystery. I play Mim, best friend of leading lady Clancy, who can best be described as the girl in the horror movie telling everyone not to go into the basement. Spoiler alert, everyone goes into the basement.

GLITTER: You’re also returning to Netflix’s hit comedy, Mr. Iglesias, What can you tell us about the show and your character ‘Marisol Fuentes?’

CREE: Mr. Iglesias is a comedy about everyone’s favorite teacher, Mr. Iglesias, his “misfit” students, and some of his fellow educators at Wilson High. My character, Marisol Fuentes, is a hardworking, incredibly intelligent, outspoken student, who spends most of her time raising her hand in class and trying to correct the injustices around her as best she can. She’s who I want to be when I grow up.

GLITTER: How did you master the art of comedic timing that you are well known for?

CREE: If I have any sort of skill in comedic timing, credit should probably be given to my mother, who’s been making me laugh my entire life.

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