Cody Newman
Glitter Magazine|Eris Baker
On Her Chaotic + Uncontrollable Melody

Singer and songwriter, Cody Newman’s sound can be described best as surf punk. Her influences range from the Beatles to Foo Fighters to Queen. Cody recently sat down with Glitter to talk about her new single, “Comet,” the songwriting process, and how she uses her voice for change. Read on for Cody’s ways to find Zen.

GLITTER: How did it feel to find out that you were Radio Disney’s top three requested songs?

CODY: It was amazing. I really felt like I knew where I belonged.

GLITTER: What was your first thought on hearing you were KIIS FM of LA’s “NEXT UP ARTIST?”

CODY: Wow. Just wow haha. I then, of course, thought things like “that’s so cool” and “I can’t believe it,” but yeah, wow was my very first thought.

GLITTER: Do you have any cool memories you can share from your career?

CODY: There’s so many. I got to go to the Carolina country music awards. I was interviewed by Radio Disney. I went and had lunch with radio executives in Georgia and it included Mike McVay and John Kilgo, and so much more.

GLITTER: What was it like performing at the Worldwide Radio Summit?

CODY: Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus, I wasn’t able to attend the summit. When they reschedule it, I will be the featured performer at the awards lunch.

GLITTER: With tours and concerts on hiatus, outside of your IG Live with Glitter, what live activations have you been doing?

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