Disaster Response
The Big Issue Sri Lanka|2Q - 2017

The government of a country plays a major role in providing humanitarian assistance. In Sri Lanka, the Ministry of Disaster Management has provided its fullest support in the process of providing assistance for victims both before and after the occurrence of a disaster.


During the past year Sri Lanka had to face several major disasters which led the Ministry of Disaster Management to take immediate actions to provide assistance for the affected people. In 2016, heavy rain and floods affected approximately 586,731 people of 146,992 families. It was also reported that 3874 houses were completely destroyed and 51,557 houses were partly damaged. This number includes 42 completely destroyed business places and 5460 partly damaged business locations. Cooked food, dry rations and funeral expenses were supplied immediately by utilising a sum of LKR 150 million treasury funds and LKR 148.5 million of National Insurance Trust Fund. A sum of LKR 747.10 million was paid under the National Natural Disaster Insurance policy program.

Relief Assistance was provided for the people affected due to intensive rainfall during May 10 to 17 in 2016 in Aranayake in the Kegalle District. As result of intensive rainfall during the 10th to 17th May 2016 in Kegalle District 21234 people of 5804 families were affected. While 230 houses were damaged completely and 1845 houses were partly damaged. Compensation for affected families was paid LKR 14.77 million through the national insurance programme while a sum of LKR 54.2 million was paid using treasury funds.

The National Building Research Organisation (NBRO) recommends to relocate 1682 families of houses destroyed and who live in the risk zone. The government has allocated a sum of LKR 2280.2 million funds to resettle the families.

The acquisition of lands for resettlements is under progress. A sum of LKR 61.8 million was allocated to develop infrastructure facilities of acquired lands and from the total sum LKR 33.82 million was spent.

The government has made a decision to provide LKR 1.2 million per person who were evacuated due to landslide and landslide risk zone. LKR 216 million was allocated for 1240 persons who wish to build their own houses. LKR 400,000 will be given to the each of 500 persons who wish to build houses on their own lands. Accordingly, LKR 154.8 million has been provided for 387 beneficiaries.237 houses are built by the government with the collaboration of local and international agencies.

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