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Home Business Magazine|Spring 2021
Budgeting and Inventory Management Tips for Business Owners
Elie Y. Katz

The ability of small- to mid-sized independent business owners to manage their budgets and inventory with pinpoint accuracy, and learn their customers' buying behaviors, is absolutely crucial to not only the success but also the very survival of the business.

Properly managing inventory and budgets is perhaps the most important daily task a business proprietor performs. Simply put, you can't sell what you don't have, and you can't sell a surplus supply of items that your customers don't want.

Budgeting and inventory management needn't be stressful or worrisome. Advances in technology have alleviated guesswork and increased confidence in making correct, data-driven decisions to learn customer behavior and keep establishments stocked with desirable products.

In today's digital age, stores can't rely on outdated ways of running inventory checks. Employees counting milk bottles on shelves to see what needs to be ordered is not just incredibly wasteful from a personnel use standpoint; it also does nothing to accurately predict through data analysis if customers will want the product in the same numbers in the future as they do today.

Here are several ways to save money and boost profits through modern budgeting and inventory management technology:

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