Advances in Agriculture
Central Florida Ag News|December 2019
Data Monitoring Technology Gives Farmers a New Advantage

MODERN TECHNOLOGY is changing the way we do almost everything, that’s an inescapable fact. Even the ancient practices of agriculture are being updated for this modern era. Farmers now have a plethora of new tools at their disposal to help them maximize their yields while minimizing costs. Companies like Onset, out of Bourne, Massachusetts, are capitalizing on this trend by providing farmers with the most up-to-date technology available to make modern farms more efficient and productive.

We talked with Richard Rodrigues, Onset’s product marketing manager, about how farmers are making use of today’s innovative technology to cut back on waste and streamline their processes.

“Modern technology is enabling farmers to do more with less,” Rodrigues explains, “basically, by allowing them to be in more places at once and also being able to be more targeted in their approach.”

For example, through data monitoring, farmers are able to determine at what point their crops need to be irrigated, thereby reducing water usage. Pesticide application is another prime example of tech-driven conservation, as farmers are better equipped to treat for particular pests when they pose a real threat instead of going with a “spray and pray” approach.

When it comes to data monitoring, temperature and humidity tend to be the first parameters that farmers get set up to measure. Being able to keep a close eye on these two conditions informs farmers as to how they need to handle irrigation and pest control. Soil moisture and wind speed and direction are next on the list for most farmers to monitor.

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