The Heart to Start
Black Moguls Magazine|Winter 2017

Have you ever found yourself sitting on the doorsteps of destiny wondering what direction your feet should move toward? There are many paths that lead to your next destination of greatness, yet because there are countless options we often find ourselves stuck in a rut of indecision. The power rests in your ability to make a swift decision and detach from the outcome, detach from the fear of failure, detach from the opinion of others, detach from the disappointments, detach from the unknown and embrace the beauty that rests in the present moment.

I have had innumerable conversations with entrepreneurs and one statement that frequently arises is, “I don’t know where to start.” We have to be aware of the underlying subtlety of self-sabotage. It wears many masks and if you are not discerning it can easily rob you of seeing your potential actualized.

One of my favorite quotes for taking action when all the pieces have yet to appear is by Theodore Roosevelt, “Do what you can, with what you have, right where you are.” You have limitless resources at your fingertips if you would dare to look outside of your current problems. There is always a solution readily available, if you are open to discovering it.

As I look in retrospect, most of my achievements were preceded by adversity. I learned to dig deep in the cavern of my soul for precious pearls of inspiration to move forward in spite of the odds stacked against me. I was not an honor roll student, in fact I was the polar opposite of the class president and valedictorian.

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