Black Moguls Magazine|Winter 2017

Airfordable CEO Ama Marfo

Getting Premium Air Tickets for Layaway Prices. 

How frustrating is it when you need to buy an air ticket, but your credit ratings hold you back? This is a problem thousands of travelers face when the need to buy a high-priced air ticket but have bad credit history. Airfordable is a travel startup seeking to make it easier for travelers to get air tickets which they could not afford otherwise due to their bad credit history.

Airfordable was a brainchild of Chicago-based Ghanaian native Ama Marfo. She says the idea was born out of his frustration of being not able to afford to take her family to Ghana during the holidays. She teamed up with Craig Henry and Emmanuel Buah to make the idea into a viable model. Founded in 2015, the start-up got assistance from incubator Y Combinator.

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