SailGP will restart in 2021
Yachting World|July 2020
All events due to take place this year in Russell Coutts’s grand prix circuit SailGP have been rescheduled for 2021. The ‘Season 2’ series planned for San Francisco in April, New York in June, and in UK and Denmark in August and September are all being moved to the same venues running from April next year.

The cancellations are a huge blow for a series attempting to establish itself as the commercial parallel to the America’s Cup, based loosely on the concept of Formula One and with a focus on the value of TV rights. These had been secured for the 2020 season, and earlier this year a minority stake in the company was bought by global entertainment company Endeavor.

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At a table scattered with tools and wires, volunteer repairers sit across from the owners of an assortment of inoperable electronics.

4 mins read
December 10, 2021

Constructing green gasoline from scratch using renewable methane

Shortly after our June “Green Issue” dropped, an enthusiast reader wrote to us to say we missed a key alternative fuel technology from Houston-based Nacero: green gasoline constructed from renewable natural gas using renewable energy.

3 mins read
Motor Trend
September 2021

The Last Children of Down Syndrome

Prenatal testing is changing who gets born and who doesn't. This is just the beginning.

10+ mins read
The Atlantic
December 2020


Most of my landscape paintings are from my Residential area and from north Italy. I use various techniques, but mostly Oil on canvas. I decided several years ago that I will not try to reach the reality; I am trying to put the colors and shapes as I view them; sometimes, the place is the exactly the same spot, but the artworks are so different." - Dita Jacobovitz

4 mins read
Art Market
Issue #52 October 2020

Agnethe Maagaard

“Danish glass artist in dialogue with nature”

1 min read
ArtTour International Magazine
Spring 2020

A Dane's Best Friend: Bicycling in Denmark

When was the last time that you rode a bike? Did you ride to school, or a park, or just to have fun with your friends?

3 mins read
Faces - The Magazine of People, Places and Cultures for Kids
January 2020

Welcome To Denmark

Find Germany on a map of Europe, and then look to its north. There you will find a peninsula known as Jutland. To its west is the North Sea; to its east, the Baltic Sea and a thick cluster of more than 400 islands. Together, Jutland and the islands form one of the smallest but most admired nations of Europe—the kingdom of Denmark.

2 mins read
Faces - The Magazine of People, Places and Cultures for Kids
January 2020

European Mobile Payment Systems Team Up

Seven European mobile payment systems said they are joining forces to better develop crossborder contactless payments.

1 min read
September 06, 2019

Greenland's Hostile Wilderness Becomes A New Front In The Trade War

Greenland’s hostile wilderness becomes a new front in the trade war.

2 mins read
Bloomberg Businessweek
September 02, 2019

Aarhus, The World's Biggest Maker Of Wind Turbines!

Propelled by Europe’s remarkable shift away from fossil fuels, the Danish city of Aarhus is at the center of a booming renewable economy

8 mins read
Bloomberg Markets
August - September 2019