F1 rematch in the America's Cup
Yachting World|February 2022
Since entries for the 37th America’s Cup opened on 1 December 2021, two teams have confirmed they will be challenging.

In what must be a huge boost to the beleaguered Defenders Emirates Team New Zealand, both are seriously bighitting teams. Both have also signed significant partnerships with Formula 1 teams.

First to confirm was Alinghi. Swiss billionaire Ernesto Bertarelli, whose team was the first ever to win on its Cup debut in 2003, makes a return as Alinghi Red Bull Racing.

“Eleven years after winning the America’s Cup, we’re back. We never quite left,” Bertarelli said.

“When we stopped racing in the Cup we didn’t stop competing. We always had in mind that we would come back.”

Alinghi will be racing under the burgee of the Société Nautique de Genève. Under new Protocol rules, this requires all the sailing team to be Swiss, and the boat to be built in Switzerland.

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