Truck Braces
Ultimate Diesel Builder Guide|June-July 2017

Merchant automotive makes your 4WD duramax stronger.

Chris Tobin

Some of the parts you can install on your truck improve its power while others improve its longevity, and still others are installed just to make you truck stronger and better by addressing weak links in the factory design and engineering. Most Duramax owners know of the trucks propensity to toe-in the front wheels on hard acceleration in 4WD especially during boosted launches on the drag strip or pull track. The facto-ry independent front suspension (IFS) provides a good ride but the tie rods tend to flex or outright bend when you try to put a lot of power to the front wheels. Another weak area is the lack of support for the heavy transfer case. In extreme cases when off-roading, the transmission tail housing and/or transfer case can crack or break. Additionally, drive line vibrations from worn U-joints have also been known to damage the union of the transmission and transfer case.

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