Street Trucks|August 2020
A Pair of Consummate Professionals Create a Masterpiece

SAM REDDING FROM ORLANDO, FLORIDA, HAS BEEN IN THE TRUCK SCENE FOR ALMOST A QUARTER CENTURY. He joined Local Minis way back in 1997 and is currently a member of Negative Camber. Over the years, he’s built, bought, and sold many vehicles, often running them across the block at Barrett-Jackson Auction Company. Always happy with the outcome, Sam realized he might have some career potential there and decided to explore the idea of building a cool custom truck specifically for one of the largest auctions in the US. Incorporating street rod-level craftsmanship into the build would improve the chances for financial success.

Realizing that two heads are better than one, Sam contacted his good friend Alvin Lawrence, owner of Autofanatik in Sanford, Florida, and pitched the idea. Alvin has been building radical custom vehicles since 1995 and, like Sam, has had his work featured in numerous magazines. It didn’t take too long for both men to realize the idea’s potential and a partnership was quickly formed.

With decades of experience between them, the two decided their first custom vehicle would be an early Chevy 3100 series pickup. Those vintage trucks are easy to lower to the ground and, with the right touches, make great traditional customs that appeal to a wide audience.

The first step was to fabricate a frame designed around original Chevrolet factory dimensions but incorporating all the latest technology. With Alvin in charge of the rolling chassis, the project began with 2x4 boxed steel rails and 2.5-inch round tube cross members.

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