Street Trucks|March 2021
Taking the Lead, One Bolt at a Time

SOMETIMES, REVENGE CAN BE FUN. That statement is definitely true for Ashley Wimmer of Princeton, West Virginia. For many years, Ashley always had the dependable car. Her husband, Nate Wimmer, on the other hand, would get to buy all of the toys and fun vehicles. After sitting back for several years and watching Nate build some pretty amazing vehicles, Ashley decided it was her time to shine and show Nate that she can build an outstanding truck, too. Boy did she come out swinging with this one!

Ashley originally purchased the ’86 Chevrolet S-10 in 2019.

“The condition of the truck was decent, but it had started showing some age,” Ashley says. “The truck had some wear and tear from being driven over the years and needed a lot of freshening up and some swag!”

Ashley has always had a love for older vehicles, saying they have “more stories and character to discover.” This build would mean a lot to her since this was her first mini-truck project to tackle. It would add her own story to it.

Once Ashley got the truck in their garage, they immediately got to work. First things first for her was the engine. This wasn’t going to be your typical S-10 motor swap. Ashley was going all the way with this build, so she decided to drop a 1970 4-bolt main Chevrolet 350 V-8 motor under the hood. She had a little help when making the decision about which engine she wanted for the truck.

“My dad inspired the small block Chevy motor as he took me to my first ever drag race when I was little,” Ashley says.

All custom motor mounts were fabbed up to fit this massive motor under the hood of the truck. The engine was also going to be torn down so it could receive a few upgrades. Forged pistons, a steel crank and Edelbrock intake manifold were installed to give the truck some extra horsepower. They also added an Edelbrock carburetor and Headman headers before finishing up the motor swap. Since Ashley started in drag cars, she knew her S-10 would need an exhaust upgrade. They installed a full 2.5-inch Flowmaster Exhaust under the truck with the exit being dumped under the cab. This truck was going to sound mean as Ashley puts petal to the metal!

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