Street Trucks|July 2021
Chace Yonts’ ’88 Chevrolet S10
EVERYONE HAS HEARD THE OLD SAYING ABOUT FINDING A DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH, BUT HAVE YOU HEARD THE ONE ABOUT FINDING A DIME IN THE ROUGH? After owning and going through several trucks, one stood out more than the others. Chace Yonts’ 1988 Chevrolet S10 was his dime in the rough.

Chace Yonts’ love for mini-trucks all began when he was in high school. Chace and his cousin decided to skip school one day so his cousin could take him to a shop that had several trucks that were sitting on the ground. What Chace didn’t know was that this day would change everything he thought about vehicles. They had visited The Drop Shop in Pikeville, Kentucky, and immediately Chace was hooked. He had caught the mini-truck bug. After seeing all of the trucks at the shop laid out on the ground, Chace knew he had to find a way to get his ’88 Silverado to sit that low. Unfortunately, the truck was wrecked before he could even get started. Chace’s 18th birthday rolled around, and he was surprised with a 2000 Chevrolet S10 and a payment book.

Excited about his new truck, Chace started brainstorming ideas of what he could do with it. He met Nathan Peak at The Drop Shop and they hit the ground running. They decided it was time they bagged the truck. Sadly, after four years of hard work, the truck was totaled in a wreck. Although Chace was devastated about the truck, he never lost hope. He owned a few vehicles here and there, but nothing felt right—that was, until a friend of Chace’s decided to let go of his S10 that had been built by Jody Hall in the early 1990s. Chace knew this was the perfect truck to turn his dream become a reality. Chace’s vision was to make this truck fit in with both mini-trucks and hotrods. Chace has always had a love for vehicles.

“I love older vehicles,” he says. “The body lines are much sleeker and cleaner, in my opinion. But, at the end of the day, mini-trucks hold that special place in my heart.”

Chace began by completely tearing the truck apart down to the bare chassis. He knew if he wanted this build to be perfect, he was going to have to start from square one.

“The truck wasn’t in rough shape by no means,” he says. “It was actually very solid. It was just outdated and needed some updating.”

The frame modifications were completed by the original owner and Jody Hall at The Drop Shop.

“Jody Hall did an amazing job in the mid ’90s when the truck was first built,” Chace says.

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