Street Trucks|December 2020
An Attention-Grabbing Customer Collector

IF YOU’RE AT ALL FAMILIAR WITH THE ANGLERFISH, YOU WOULD KNOW THAT THESE UNDERWATER ANIMALS HAVE A GLOWING, DANGLING LURE PROTRUDING FROM THEIR FOREHEADS THAT LOOKS LIKE A FAT, JUICY WORM. The anglerfish entices other fishes close with the bioluminescent appendage, and then pounces on its prey. It’s a vicious way to hunt for food, but a genius way to distract the bait with something shiny. You may be wondering how this relates to Stuart Daigle’s 2008 Tahoe build. Well, let me explain.

This particular project came about for a particular need that Stuart had. As a self-employed business owner of K.I.K. Kustomz, a custom clothing company, he would constantly run into the same concern: How do you draw attention at a truck show full of eye candy everywhere you turn? No matter how cool your shirt designs are or how nice the material is, getting the spectator’s attention is harder than you may expect, especially at the big, elite shows like LST, Battle in Bama and Last Resort. So, Stuart came up with a great concept that would not only gain eyes at big events, but also garner respect from industry insiders that now know he’s as real as it gets. The saying goes, if you can’t beat them, join them—and that’s exactly what Stuart set out to do.

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