Overdrive|July 2021
Ferrari’s all-new Roma promises to be something most Ferraris can’t

There are things in life we need and there are things that we want. No one needs a new Ferrari, but everyone wants one. That’s the story Ferrari wants to build on with this brand-new addition to its current line-up with the Roma. It is not a car anyone asked for, but it is most certainly a car all of us want.

I must admit, the Ferrari Roma doesn’t seem quite in-sync at the dealership when you see it parked next to its siblings. Once you’ve seen a Roma, you’ll know what I mean. The Roma is a special kind of gorgeous and probably one of the most beautiful ways to package a ton and a half of wires, glass, leather, metal, and rubber. Ferrari claims that the design language that inspired this car is intended to showcase La Nuova Dolce Vita, Italian for the “pleasurable way of life,” a theme that distinguished Italy’s capital in the 1950s and 60s. The Roma’s styling symbolizes a rather unique departure from Ferrari’s current road car designs. It is an attempt to strike a balance between modern-day performance with timeless elegance.

It’s no doubt that the Roma has won three major awards already for its design. Notably from Red Dot and Esquire. Red Dot was quoted saying “… renouncing all superfluous details, the design of the Ferrari Roma achieves a formal minimalism that characterizes the timeless elegance of this sports car.”

Compared to other mid-engine Ferrari models, which show their ultrahigh-speed track-oriented potential even when stationary, the Roma is elegant, clean and with a more mature Rosso Mugello shade on our test car, it showcases its lines gracefully without screaming of its supercar soul.

I have had my reservations about Ferrari’s design on all their road-going cars over the last decade. Somewhere around 2010, the brand moved towards more scoops, vents, splitters, and spoilers. Although functional, I found all of this to be a bit excessive. These might have been the contemporary trends in automotive design but my love for Ferrari comes from a time of my youth when cars like the 550 Maranello and the 612 Scaglietti filled my imagination. The 612 especially, with its smooth lines, long bonnet, and gorgeous curves. There’s no doubt that I have fallen for the Roma, it too takes a lot of cues from the 612 and that is why it looks so achingly pretty to me.

What makes it even better is that over time, Ferraris have become more driveable as daily cars. An hour into my first drive in the Roma and I can totally see how it’s one of the most accessible Ferraris ever built and the direction the brand wants to go with it. The Roma offers its drivers a closer connection between man and machine than any other Ferrari on sale. It will allow even an inexperienced driver to exploit most of its potential.

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