Motoring World|November 2021
A new generation of KTM RCs is upon us. Knee sliders, beware!
Kartik Ware

We can always rely on KTM and Kiska Design to provoke unusual thoughts. For example, the new RC 200’s colossal fairing visor reminded me of the face shields that have become commonplace over the past year and a half. Talk about art imitating life, eh? It’s the face of a generational change, the first of two more to come. KTM’s popular 200cc platform’s new RC version brings us what we’ve stared at in spy photos and leaked images on the Internet for several months now. And as usual, it is apparent that KTM doesn’t intend to give up its pursuit of geometric visual experiments anytime soon. As with other KTMs, the new RC 200 looks striking and functional, and there are a number of nice details on it.

The neatly integrated front indicators are great, while the fairing’s sharp sides are decidedly better than before. The split trellis from the Dukes finally makes its appearance on the RC, making it look nice and neat, while the spoke mounted front disc is the coolest new touch I’ve seen in a while. Add to that suede-finish seats, a new tail section, and a bigger 13.7-litre fuel tank, and the new RC 200 certainly makes for a fresh-looking package. However, I feel the bike’s underside looks a bit unfinished, while the new LCD screen seems modelled after the phrase ‘as basic as it gets’. Other than these two niggles, it’s all cool, though.

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